5-Day-Challenge A2

Oops, you’re too late :-(. But don’t worry. I run the “Eine Amerikanerin in Berlin” Challenge regularly. If you would like to be notified when the next round starts, please fill in the form below. I’m looking forward to connecting with you. 

Have you ever read a story in German and were proud of yourself that you understood it well? Did you also listen to the story and felt that your listening comprehension was improving? That’s awesome.


But guess what’s missing? Right,  you read and you listen but you don’t speak and you probably don’t write, either. Let’s change this! Join me for a free 5-day challenge. You will get one of my stories and based on this story, we will work on your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills.

5-Day-Challenge A2

How does this work?

Every day, you will receive a part of the short story “Eine Amerikanerin in Berlin”, no more than 150 words per day. You will read and listen to the text, and you will get bite-sized tasks to learn and practice new grammar or vocabulary from the story.  We will have a private Telegram chat where you can post your answers for feedback and ask questions. 

How much time do I need to invest?

You will need about 20-30 minutes a day to complete the challenge successfully. About half of your tasks are based on audios that you can listen to while you go to work or do your dishes. At the end of the week, you will have mastered new language bits, both vocabulary and grammar, and will be able to use them actively. 

What level do I need to complete the challenge successfully?

The challenge is most suitable for advanced beginners and low-intermediate students (A2/B1) . If you’re a beginner (A1), you may still participate in the challenge but will probably need more than 20-30 minutes. If your level is B1+ or higher, you will probably find the challenge easy, but may nevertheless enjoy it and learn some new things. Feel free to give it a try.

Here are the Details

  1. Dates: April 29 – May 3, 2024
  2. 5 PDF files with texts, vocabulary and example sentences, exercises and assignments
  3. 10 audio files (mp3)
  4. Telegram group chat exclusively for participants
  5. Zoom call (live and recorded) on Day 5 to round up the challenge
  6. Materials will be sent to you by email, will be posted in a Telegram channel and will be available on a website page
  7. All materials can be downloaded and are for you to keep

Some Words about me

I’m Daniela and I started to write short stories and graded readers for beginner and intermediate students of German in 2021. Being an enthusiastic language learner myself, I love to create materials that I would like to use myself, a mix of interesting content and grammar in context. I also believe in a combination of independent learning and feedback from a teacher plus interaction with other. This is what I’m offering you. 

Learn German with Stories Club


  1. This is a moderated live challenge. Please sign up only if you’re willing  to commit to learning German for 5 days in a row. You will have time to post assignments and ask questions until May 5 (Sunday). 
  2. All communication with me and with other participants will be via the Telegram app. Please make sure to have it installed and ready to use before the challenge starts. If you’re not able or willing to use Telegram, you can ask questions and post your written assignments in the comments of the website page where I’ll make the materials available but you can’t able to get feedback for your speaking assignments. 
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