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Welcome to German with Stories

Are you tired of boring texts and apps that teach you senseless sentences? Are you looking for materials that do not only teach you the language but also the culture? Do you love literature and wish you could read interesting stories in German but books for natives are still much too difficult?  Did you find an interesting text but there’s no audio available? Or are you listening to a podcast but there’s no transcript and you feel frustrated because the topic is interesting but you understand only half of it? Are you an independent language learner who sometimes lacks motivation or feels lonely? Are you looking for a possibility to practice your speaking skills in a relaxed atmosphere, without pressure and without going bankrupt? 

Concise and a mixture of themes

The stories are concise and have a mixture of themes, some describe everyday life while the stories have interesting plots. I look forward to reading the stories and never feel overwhelmed by the content, despite being a beginner. Learning the vocabulary and grammar in the stories is made simple by the helpful bite-sized comments

Stuart Parkins, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Daniela

I’m the founder of German with Stories. Born and raised in Germany, I’ve lived in various other countries such as Brazil, Hungary, Portugal, Peru and am currently mainly in Argentina. Being not only a teacher but also a lifelong language learner,  I create materials and digital products that I would like to use myself. You will love  the German with Stories materials and membership if you’re an independent language learner who is seeking to improve their reading, listening and communication skills while diving into existing short stories and learning about the customs, history, geography and current affairs in the German-speaking countries. As a teacher, I see that students who take action instead of just depending on their tutor make faster progress. Make German a part of your life by choosing materials that you love and that are suited for your level or slightly above. 

German with Stories

Something for every learning style

I love reading stories in German, it really helps me grasp the language. Daniela adds many extra special bonuses to her stories at the end of each chapter; there is something for every learning style, and if you do not feel like doing the exercises, the story is still worth reading along with the insights, and with all of the vocabulary built right in, it’s perfect to learn, and strengthen your German.

Denise Bickford, Canada
German with Stories

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Podcast & Transcripts

Listening to podcasts is an amazing way to immerse yourself in the German language. With the help of transcripts, you'll understand even better what's going on and they also include useful language tips regarding the correct use of vocabulary and grammar.

Access to all materials

As a member you have incredible opportunities to enhance your German language skills through exciting and effective resources. Access our magazine articles and short stories, all with audio, and worksheets. Let's get started on this exciting journey together!

Be part of a community

Being an independent language learner does not have to be lonely. As a member, you will not only be a part of a community but also have the chance to practice speaking and writing and interact with other members.

First time I was able to read a book in German

I discovered Learn German with Stories through one of its books on amazon this summer (Ein Sommer in Heidelberg) and I’m grateful for that cause it was the first time I was able to read a book in German, and on top of that I really enjoyed the plot. Since then I started reading other books from Daniela and also some of her short stories in the subscriber’s library, now I’m waiting for the next magazine to finally see how’s that!

Martina Kolajová, Italy

Latest Graded Reader

Mannheimer Begegnungen - Kapitel 1

Includes vocabulary German-English, cultural insights, language tips, grammar and vocabulary exercises

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Shortly before Jakub’s great-grandmother Aniela dies in the Polish city of Gdansk, she tells Jakub the big secret of her life. When she is only 16 years old, she and the young German soldier Heinrich Gärtner fall in love. They make plans to escape to Scandinavia and from there to Argentina but then, Heinrich is sent to Russia and dies in the battle of Stalingrad. When Aniela’s parents discover that their daughter is pregnant, they force her to get married. Her daughter Dania is registered and raised as a child of Polish parents, but Aniela never forgets her first love. She gives Jakub some photos and letters she has kept over the years and asks him to look for his great-grandfather’s family in the German city of Mannheim. 

When Jakub secures a remote job at an American company that makes him location-independent, he moves to Mannheim for three months to explore his German roots. He finds a room in a shared apartment. One of his roommates is Oksana, a young girl from Ukraine who is fascinated by Jakub’s story and helps him with his search. Oksana has problems of her own because she feels attracted to a young Russian programmer but knows that her family would never accept a relationship with a Russian. 

A young couple from Argentina completes the 4-person shared apartment. Both hold an Italian passport and have been in Germany for a year. While Leandro is an ambitious chemical engineer and determined to make it in Germany or Switzerland and never again return to his crisis-stricken home country, his girlfriend Melina doesn’t only struggle with the German language and culture but is also frustrated because Leandro spends more time with new friends and colleagues than with her.

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