Video Lessons

The video lessons focus on the differences between English and German. In each lesson, I will discuss one specific topic that tends to cause problems. Just one warning: If you prefer funny reels, you’ll probably find these videos boring. That’s okay. We’re all different. If, on the other hand, you are like me and enjoy information that is presented in a straight-forward and non-nonsense way, my video lessons will be helpful for you. And if you’re not into videos at all, you can simply download the powerpoint presentation as a PDF file or/and a summary of the most important facts from the video, also as a PDF file (PREMIUM membership needed). There will be a new video every two weeks. I explain everything in German but I speak very slowly so that even beginners should be able to understand them with the help of the German subtitles. Well, and the example sentences which are the core of these lessons have English translations so that you can focus on the differences between the two languages. 

1. machen / Tun

Das englische “to do” kann man mit “machen” oder mit “tun” übersetzen. Wann benutze ich welches Verb? 

2. (to) change

In this video, we discuss the differences between “ändern”, “verändern”, “wechseln”

2. Als / Wenn / Wann

In this video, we discuss how to translate the English word “when” correctly. 

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